Unity is the award-winning producer of the documentary film "beyond the walls..."

beyond the walls… is the award-winning 60 minute film that shows how music combats homophobia. It is part travelogue, part biography, part MTV with a dash of historical and cultural context thrown in for good measure! And then there’s the promise of romance!

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  • You’ll see the gay and lesbian experience through the lives of the locals.
  • Each city is showcased by those gay and lesbian people who live there.
  • You'll hear the transforming music of GMCLA - 14 pieces in all!
  • Our gay and lesbian experts guide the viewer through the significant events of the lesbigay movement.
  • The GMCLA chorus members sightsee – allowing the viewer to see the city through the eyes of the locals and the spirit of the visitors.
  • The concerts are seen and heard through the eyes of the audience and from the perspective of the performers.
  • After each concert our local hosts meet the Chorus members the viewers have been journeying with.
  • The honest emotional reactions, the language challenges and the commonality of being gay will be evident in the human connection.
  • The impact on this experience is felt from the local inhabitants, from the Chorus members and from a historical perspective.

July 19, 1989 the Berlin Wall – the physical representation of the divide between the West and the East – came tumbling down. On October 6, 1999 – just ten years after the momentous events of Eastern Europe – the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles (GMCLA) followed-up their successful 1991 Eastern European tour with another trip. GMCLA was the first "out" cultural organization to perform in the historic halls of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Tallinn.

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