Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to the Big Top, gay style! You’ll laugh ‘til you cry, you’ll tap your foot and want to dance along all the while seeing magnificent human tricks … bodies moving in every way imaginable! …And if you’re very good … you’ll be touched.


Cirque So Gay uniquely combines original music (from traditional and modern musical theatre…a mix from Arlen to Menken), comedy (from pratfall to camp) and includes the non-verbal physicality of circus (from acrobats and trapeze to juggling dildos).


Gay relationships – from the ritual of cruising and one night stands to the ritual of marriage – are high wire acts. Cirque So Gay explores these rituals with music, dance, comedy and circus elements resulting in the delightful discovery that the balancing act isn’t unique to gay people – it is common to all of us.


The theatre transforms itself into the merriment of the Big Top each performance. Color stimulates the senses. Beautiful buffed men enchant the audience using words, song and soar through the space in extraordinary gymnastic movements. They climb to the rafters via the shear curtains that initially appear to be inconsequential set dressing. Bodies gyrate, spin and spurt – from the grace of trapeze to the spritz of a seltzer bottle. It is unlike anything that exists in live performance today.


Poetry of song can be heard in the diverse original musical stylings that include such future hits as:

  • Bananas
  • Card Trick
  • Straight Men’s Fugue

Echoes of musical theatre are common as is calypso, soft-shoe and gospel. There’s something for everybody because love is, in fact, for everybody.




For 75-90 minutes six extraordinary performers

create a new theatrical experience with the audience.

Written by: Peter Massey

Music & Lyrics by: Peter Massey

Director: Kaye Cole

Producer: Craig B. Coogan